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Hi, Iím a 16 year old female and I think I may have some symptoms of bpd. I feel incredibly self-absorbed writing this and generally magnifying everything I do, and Iím starting to get tired of whatís going on in my head. I have no history of abuse or anything. Iíve always been self conscious and incredibly negative but not this bad and since looking up symptoms on the web Iíve recognised a lot of them in myself. For example I feel depressed quite often but nobody around me knows this, this is a reason Iím scared of seeing a doctor, in case its not very serious just me being stupid.
-Anyway to the point I over analyse everything about my personality, I say something and immediately question what other people thought of it. Iím scared of seeming self-absorbed to other people. I distrust my friendís feelings of me and I canít make new friends because I just act disinterested and awkward and come off arrogant. I hate the role I play in my friendship group(kind of central and manipulative), it might not just be me thatís the problem but Iím sure theyíre better off when Iím not there. I spend quite a lot of time by myself which is contradictory to bpd symptoms but when Iím alone itís only my head thatís doing the criticising and not anybody else. Basically Iíve said ĎIí over 20 times in this post Ė thatís how I think. I quite often have mood swings and confused thinking, I feel empty and bored most of the time. Anyway DESPITE all this I donít feel as if I have a disorder, almost too sane and ordinary to.
Does it sound like I've got Bpd or is it too vague to say?

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