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How strange. My daughter has bpd and rather than dropping friends she smothers them. She "drops in on" these people each day to the point that some have told her, "you come over too much." But then, those same people will turn around and call her, some endlessly. It's like They have bpd also. None of her friends seem like friends to me. They all "use" each other. They can't just enjoy being together, talking, joking. It's more like, "ok; what have you brought me today and/or where will you drive me today." It is possible that her friends have bpd also. They are usually one or more of the following at any given time: a) threatening to sue you; b) threatening to kill someone; 3) demanding she bring them a hamburger; 4) saying they may get arrested at any time 5) are running from or lying to authorities 6) I won't say. :yawn:
Then she says, "YOU DON'T LIKE ANY OF MY FRIENDS." Yes, this is true. But I don't have the Guilt about not liking them she thinks I should have. She thinks we're "all equal" and all have good qualities and no one is "better than" anyone else so she'll bring them over to our house knowing full well a couple of them Steal on a regular basis!! I don't get it :confused: I feel almost like she is pushing them up into my face and saying, "love this human being, mom." :confused:
All I can think of is that she feels, "if my mother likes this person he/she must be AOK." So any idea I had of being happy and relaxed in my Golden Years does not exist.

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