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Right here man. I have been doing that for years and years and I have lost a lot of great friends because of bpd. I have screwed up wonderful relationships, you name it.
It's really hard not to when your brain is just functioning at that level. I usually end any friendship or relationship if they do one thing I don't like and I say to myself well they aren't worth my time forget it and completely cut them off...
I wont even answer their phone calls and change my number if I have to. Part of BPD is not really knowing who you are or where you fit in, and you have to know who you are to know who you want around you, that's why people with BPD have such a hard time keeping people around. I can't say it gets better, but I have never been on meds for it and it still plagues me.

Also, yes you really do want them around, but you feel forced to cut them off or create a situation to get rid of them. I still have dreams and temptations to become friends again with people i cut off long ago, but I have too much pride, it's very odd.

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