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I feel like I have lost all sense of who I am. I mean, I know I'm Shane, but I forget who that really is. I constantly wonder, Who am I? I feel like I can't relate anymore to my friends and family. I feel like I'm trapped in this body and its not really mine. What is this? It's causing me so much pain.
Thanks. That helped calm my nerves. I don't think I have depersonalization disorder either. I looked into it, but I don't have any of the symptoms really. I think I'm going through a phase too. I'm 20, so I'm at a difficult point in my life. I will get better eventually. Thanks for the response.

You came to the right place, their are many people here that feel that way.

I am 32 and only in the last 3 years have realized...... I know my name is Caytie, but I don't know who I am. I know I have a great mask of what I want to be or want people to see, because I don't even know the real me.

I started on meds for panic attacks (klonopin) almost 2 years ago, and a month ago- lexapro for depression adn general anxiety. I feel really good right now but I am still trying to figure who I am, what do I want.

The only thing I am good at and can stick to is being a mother. Every other aspect is a fog in my life. Day to Day is how I do it. I get scared, lonely, cannot pick a good man, so I end up with one that makes me worse. Thankfully I have always been smart enough to keep the losers I pick away from meeting my children. I never keep them long, the few I have had. Now, I have been boyfriend free for over a year. Because my dr said, I cannot have a good relationship until I get better. And, I have no friends because that is a whole different issue.

So, I wanted to tell you this summed up short story because you are 20. YOUNG!!!!! And, you are already accepting the facts that you need help, so I hope when you are way before turning 32- you know who you are and can have a happy successful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes~
I think 20 is a difficult age. I am 20 too. I have been feeling this way for about 6 weeks. I spent my 20th in hospital with pneumonia and someone died from it in the bed next to me. That triggered the first ever panic attack and since then they have prescribed me a lot of drugs that are supposed to make meback to normal. I feel more apart from myselfr. I don't get hungry or thirsty or anything more. I can't wait for that to end. It will, it'll just take time.

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