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But anyway...I got home last night and we wrestled around on the bed, and I was soo happy. I mean - really happy. I wish every day could be like that...but then he grabs his head and says "god, my head is killing me"...when his mood does a nosedive I try to cheer him up. And if I can't, I get upset and quiet. And then he apologizes for being down, and I say "it's ok"...really...don't apologize. So it's this crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs. Should I be on medication? I woke up this morning and he left me a note that said "I love you babe" made me so happy...but then I thought about my problem. why am i so self centered.... :(

I don't it because I have no friends? I don't know how to go about making new friends, and I'm not that motivated *ugh*. We're moving closer to Seattle come April...I'm excited. I don't want him to leave me because of my crazy mood swings...I don't throw anything...I'm not violent. I just get down...and I get up. We talk on messenger at work...and I get so frustrated with him because it takes him forever to respond sometimes...I know I shouldn't look too much into it because chatting doesn't really show emotion. I know...I'm a virgo - maybe I worry too much? Or maybe it's the full moon. *ugh* I have to get back to work.

Any opinions would be really really really appreciated...

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