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Re: Mixed diagnosis
Mar 30, 2005
Last year they had me on Lexepro, Risperdal, Cymbolta, and Mythline (Ritilan) but the cost was over $700, I actually quit my job, went through divorce, soon to be foreclosed on.. so everything has been piling up here.

I did get public aid assistance, and a medical card, just approved for SSI and housing assistance.. so back on the medication and first time in 20 years back in counseling.

So far my counselor has not offered to help on the BPD, she just made me aware of a support group a few towns over from here. She is more interested in starting first on my self esteem issues.

I have had a hard time, ex come back, but informed me it was my clinging that made him leave, so trying to learn to give him more space, even though my feelings are hurt. I am not an angry person more manic / depression, once in a while make mistake of saying something that hurts his feelings when I don't think he loves me.

Yes I have been abused during child hood, sexual, mental and physical, then dumped in the foster care system for many years... my personal relationships are affected, I don't communicate with anyone socially unless here on line, I don't leave the house if I can help it. My ex is my life, and I am hoping to take care of this BPD problem so he will stay. I will say one thing, I have issues with mixing sex and love, I keep thinking if we don't have sex then he don't love me. That is the worse problem as I see it.

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