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strongest isn't the goal. APPROPRIATE is the correct goal. The wrong drug, strong or not, can harm a person. Make them worse off.
Far as rock bottom is concerned? That means different things to different people. We all have our own definition. Not only that, what looks like rock bottom to us may look like a lotta fun to her. My daughter bounces back and forth to almost getting arrested to acting like Mother Teresa. She was over here today; she seems fine, relaxed and happy. Two days ago seemed like she needed a hospital bed. So I am TRYING to not lose it over one of her "spells" knowing that soon she'll come out of it. :confused: Fortunately, I take herbs that do a lot to keep me calm, regardless; help me deal with what would make some moms go nuts. And I keep pursuing other interests. It's so unhealthy to let these kids take up our entire lives with their dramas.
They're having fun while we're having heart palpitations and insomnia. What's wrong w/this picture. :confused:

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