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My daughter has never cut herself but she is very manipulative, has threatened suicide for 25 years-mostly over little things. Then she acts happy and normal shortly afterwards.
As a young child she was bossy with the other kids. As a teenager, she was unpopular, loud and bragged a lot. In her late teens, she continued her bragging, manipulations (like telling a guy she thought she was pregnant just to get him back) , promiscuous and wouldn't meet curfews. She would give our things to her "friends" without telling us, of course. In her 20's and 30's , she will stalk a man who dumps her by driving to their homes, calling them endlessly, etc and even calls their PARENTS. She got married once so the guy would pay off her bills , divorced him when he said she had to stop marijuana, married again out of boredom for 3 months, divorced and had 4 abortions before she married anyone. She had a son 7 years ago "all my friends have a kid" by a guy when she was living with someone else. She was 32 then. Now she quits a job for the slightest provocation, runs around with guys in wheelchairs who are on government assistence so this last guy dumped her 3 weeks ago. Even though he 's an alcoholic with a lung condition who is always angry she wants him back for his income! It's a Life Sentence for me and for her. It never ends. She got a new car 6 months ago and it has 16,000 miles on it just from driving IN TOWN. And I'm to think this can be cured?? I don't think so. It is a dysfunctional way of thinking and acting that keeps her angry and frustrated. And to top it all off? She says she "wants to be the best mother I can be" :confused: The men she visits all day tell her, "you come over too much" but she keeps going .
Hospitalization isn't as easy as it used to be. Now you have to have 3 doctors sign a paper saying she's dangerous to herself or to others and proof to back it up. If they're not dangerous, just impossible, they need LONG TERM counseling (cognitive therapy is best) with no guarantees of a cure.
We are talking big bucks here. I only wish we had done something with ours while she was a teenager but we thought it was a "phase." :confused:
Hard to believe but many doctors refuse borderline patients! They can be too nasty, insulting and demanding plus they can stalk the doctors.

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