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Most dysfuctional men are passive aggressive. Often it is termed passive aggressive narcissist. These people are incapable of thinking about anything but their selfish needs and their selves. They are not capable of expressing rage or anger in a functional fashion. They withhold affection, blame others by sulking and not communicating, and most of all they are dishonest about everything from basic feelings to apologies. The passive aggressive person's problems are almost incurable. They learned their behavior from modeling. They simply repeated the same dysfunctional and inappropriate behaviors of their parents and care givers. Of course not realizing that they are hurting other people and preventing themselves from experiencing a joyful life. These people are emotionally 4 years old and often act depressed and lie. They can be charming and they will hide every so-called negative feeling especially ANGER from you. Impossible to deal with and I would screen all people who you percieve as passive aggressive and never talk to them again if you find out they are.

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