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Okay, here's the big difference between OCD and OCPD: people with OCD desperately want to change their routines because it's torture- those with OCPD are perfectly content with their actions. Common traits of people with OCPD are perfectionism, rigidity, and hypermorality, the same traits of those with OCD. However, people with OCPD don't have obsessions or outright compulsions. Instead, they're more like what we would call "control freaks." Everything must be a certain way- their way- and if somebody doesn't follow their rules, there's hell to pay. Soup cans must be alphabetized, there's only one "right" religion and political affiliation, and spelling errors are greatly frowned upon. (I have OCD, and I think my mother might have some OCPD because she thinks less of somebody if they have typos in letters.) The main difference is how people with the disorders utilize their personality traits. OCD-ers feel that everything must be perfect and done a certain way, because if some action isn't completed, something bad will happen. On the other hand, OCPD-ers feel that everything must be perfect and done a certain way because that's how they like it, and since they're perfect, it must be right. :nono: They have very black-and-white thinking regarding issues, as do OCD-ers, but again, theirs is for different reasons ("If I don't do this, this will therefore happen"). Most people with OCPD don't even think they have a problem (a common symptom of personality disorders), and don't try to change their ways, if ever, until somebody informs them what tyrants they can become. People with OCD don't need anybody to tell them something's wrong with them- they know from the first time they have to wash their hands twice or hear, "I want to kill my parents" in their head. Since OCPD is a personality disorder, the person's actions are in-born in them, and are unlikely to change, making OCPD and all other personality disorders very resistant to treatment. :rolleyes: Hope this helps!

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