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For all those out there who deal with bpd everyday, my heart goes out to you...whether formally diagnosed or not. I just wanted to share my feelings with here is some of my writing.

Dear friend,
I love you and need you,
But I cannot trust you.

Iím sorry to say,
That my heart is too broken,
To get close to you.

I want to be with you,
And tell you how I feel,
But I canít talk to you.

I want to go hang out with you,
And have some fun together,
But I canít find the courage to have fun with you.

I want to hug you,
And show you my love,
But Iím afraid to touch you.

I want to let you,
Have your space,
But I canít leave you.

I want to let you,
Go away, when you need to go,
But I canít lose you.

I want to be happy,
And show you my happiness,
But Iím afraid to express that to you.

I want to cry,
In front of you,
But I canít show my sadness to you.

I want to be with you forever,
And be your friend,
But I canít, I must go.

Sorry to disappoint you,
I know youíll be sad,
But when Iím gone,
Youíll find someone else,
Better than me,
And youíll be glad.

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