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Why do you think that you are similar to my mother? Nothing you said sounds similar. You have some diagnosed disorder and I do not know what it is that you have. My mother has strange behaviour and I do not understand this behaviour. I am very confused by it and it is very aggressive and destructive. I need my own life I have no plans to abandon my mother whatever this means but I think that she is not behaving in a way that is possible to have relationship with. Like she is not doing anything for me. All she does she tries to control what I do in my life. Like what I do what I dont do whom I see whom I dont see. I cant see why she is doing this. A child cannot abandon the mother but I want to have my own life and have fun, this doesnt equal abandonment. I was locked in with her with these crisis for many years and at the end if she doesnt stop this behaviour I will need to do what maybe abandonment I will move away and not give her my details so she will not be able to find me. I do not know when or if I will do this. I hope that you are not upset about things I wrote. I do not think that I said things wrong I just said what is going on with her. I do not think you are similar. You may have this mood disorder and a friend of mine has bipolar for example but this doesnt make them like this. You say you live alone but many people do so do I for example. This doesnt mean that you cant be a mother to your sons. I do not think that you need to take my post personally. I have a problem with my mother and I am looking to know why this happens and a lot of my friends do not understand this problem or understand in a scewed way eg telling me that they do not want to be close friends because of it and this is confusing since I didnt do anything wrong I just have a crazy person in my life. By crazy I do not mean mentally ill I mean a person who is abusive and disrespectful and has behavioural problems. Anyway I hope this clarifies things. I am still looking for help with this strange problem that my mother has and making other peoples lives confusing and traumatic. But I am sure that if a person has mood disorder this doesnt mean that they are in any way similar to this.
I have a problem with her because of how she tried for many years to stop me having fun and this is strange thing I am trying to get some understanding of.

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