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My friends! :bouncing: :wave:
I'm sorry I've been away, I've been lurking a little, but it takes so much energy lately to think about my situation, much less type it out. I don't know. I went with him to the counselor, and it was ok. I told the counselor I think he has BPD and he told me, no he doesn't, and I said, well I can understand why you would say that, he said why. I said because he didn't answer the questions honestly when you asked him. He said, he has some borderline "traits", but he doesn't have BPD....I said, well you may change your mind. He said, he's not telling me that to tell me I'm wrong, he's telling that to re-assure me.....LOL I don't believe it. I told him, I'm sure he knows all about BPD and I'm not saying he doesn't, but I know more about TIM, than he does and told him we will have to agree to disagree, but you may change your mind.....I used psychology on the counselor.....LOL
But anyway, he did tell Tim, there is no excuse for bad behavior, which I appreciated. He did put Tim in his place about a few things and I felt like I developed a rapport with him. I asked Tim if he would mind if I saw him on my own, and he said no he wouldn't mind. I just might,I don't know. Well it ended up they wanted to work on things, and were suggesting to drag me in and I said, I will come SOMETIMES.....I'm not willing to come every time he comes. This started out as his problem (the anger), and now they're trying to drag me in on it and make it our problem. Well Tim got pissed and moved from the couch to the chair in the counsellors office. when I said I wasn't willing to come every time, and said "well I guess that tells me a lot" (I guess that was the closest he could come to storming out in that situation).
I said to the counselor, see that's what he does, when he doesn't get his way! The counselor said "wait, wait, wait Tim.....she didn't say she wouldn't go, she is willing to go sometimes.....and that's a good thing". Tim backed down a little then....I told the counselor that I sometimes ask Tim if he has a comprehension problem, because he misinterprets most of what I say on a regular basis. It gets tiring to have to keep I didn't mean it that way....blah blah blah
Well he came over last Sat and I let him spend the night. He claimed he had too much to drink to drive home, yeah right. But he was nice, and well behaved.....LOL
Now he's coming over tonite. I didn't really want to see him until tomorrow, but then he gets his feelings hurt. I think, why shouldn't I see him tonite, he was nice last time, but I'm still apprehensive. I'm just playing it by ear right now.
LauraLee I know you are in the hospital this week with Jon. Hope things are going well, and there are no new crisis's in your life right now. :angel:
Also Happy birthday to you, a little early! I hope you can find some time for YOU!!! You and your family are in my prayers.... :angel:
Lori - How are things with you? I hope still good, but I know you're just waiting for the bottom to fall out, as I am.....
I didn't want to continue this relationship into the holidays, because then it gets really hard to end it, not on my account, but on his.
How is your mom and Stu? My mom is babysitting her friend's Maltese for a couple weeks, while she travels to go see a sick sister. He is 14 and his name is Killer, and he has no teeth, and isn't in the greatest of health. My mom is so worried about......what if he dies while she's taking care of him? I don't blame her for worrying. But, it will give her something to do for a couple weeks anyway.....hope the little guys hangs on!
Junior is doing good, enjoying the nice weather for his walks.
SZenn - :wave: How are you my friend? How are things?
Talk to you guys soon.

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