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Thank you so much for telling your story, Nakita. I appreciate your honesty and your strength. Of course your story is helping, every bit helps when it comes to helping people. From what I have learned, you are quite right, BPD is much like alcohol or drug addiction in that it is a lifelong disease, no cures, no magic requires a totally different design for living to be in recovery. It is hard sometimes for me to hear of the hell that BPD'ers go through, the confusion, the obsession, the pain, the web that gets woven around and around all the little pieces in your world....very difficult. I admire the strength that you and others have shown in taking the necessary steps to begin and practice a life of recovery. And thank you again for sharing YOUR story, Nakita.

Our stories are similar, only it was my wife, suffering from BPD, who was cheating and "masking it" behind friendship and loyalty and history. I got the "this is how it's always been" speech many, many times before I said "Enough!". My wife basically had to come to a breaking point in her life before she could admit the truth, and it is only the beginning. I is truly unfortunate that you had to endure that relationship while in the "pit of hell" with your struggle with BPD, but it appears that you do have some very special people in your life that you have found because of it. I have heard, "You have to go through hell to get to heaven", and sometimes, I find it to be true. I know I have not seen the end of this road in my own life, as I am sure you get reminded of the same in yours....but in a way, we are the lucky ones, because of the simple fact that we know least we know. Sometimes that is a curse, I feel, because it forces me to keep that realistic view of what is possible and the pain that can be caused so easily in my relationship with my wife. But at least we know, and in the end, that has always been the beginning of a lifelong lesson in living for me.

So I guess we ALL have anger, pain, sorrow, and shame that rises up at times to remind us of what is real in our lives, and to show us that we are human. I am glad to hear of the high level of acceptance your life enjoys now, and I wish you the very best. I know I need all the help I can get, and every story, vote of confidence, and sucess I hear about builds that level of knowledge I can draw on to help me do what I know I should do. If not for the future, then just for today. Sometimes, that is all I can do, is just make it through the day, just today. And you know what, if that is the best I can do, then that is okay for me. Thank you again, Nakita. Stay strong, we are all with you.


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