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:angel: Hey Candy how's it hanging? When I read your post and the others I had to agree. The teen years are really rough and for some rougher then others. I want to say that it could be hormones which run rampant in those developing years. Being Bipolar or Borderline Personality does get diagnosed in those years and it is then that they are first seen though not always. I had my first suicide attempt when I was ten years old. If you really think that there is something wrong then see a councillor and see what they say. To me it just sounds more like teenager angst then anything else. But then again there could be quite a bit that perhaps you have left out. Or didn't see as being all the important to the discussion or simply didn't think about then. There are different things that happen with mood problems when someone is mentally ill. I know with me the depression was a deep pit in the bowels of hell and I took everything personnally even a few things no one woudl think would affect me at all. They shouldn't have but they did. I tended to live in a fantasy world to escape the stresses of my life which were many then. My parents divorcing and neither of them knew what being an adult or a parent meant then. Me raising my two sisters when I could barely raise myself was hard especially when you are ten years old going on eleven. I cut as well then and still do. I don't know if anything I said helps but I hope either you see that you are quite normal which you sound to me or that it might get you to seek help if there are other issues going on that you didn't speak of.


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