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sounds like BPD with a touch of NPD, narcissistic personality disorder
I'm a pysch major, it sounds like Schizoid Personality Disorder to me. Do your symptoms interfere with your life? If so, you should seek professional help, and know your not alone. I just took a course in abnormal pyschology, and I'll take a stab at diagnosing you, however I am only a student and can't be positive.

DSM ( the DSM has 5 axis, each with its own diagnosis)
axis 1 - major depressive disorder (major disorder, if present)
axis 2 - Schizoid Personality Disorder, possible narcissistic personality disorder ( personality disorder, if present)
axis 3 - no medical problems caused by disorder
axis 4 - isolation from others, unable to form close relationships ( any social problems)
axis 5 - score unknown

If I were you, I would print off everything you wrote and took it with you to your doctor.

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