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This is hard to explain, but i will have a go at it.

When you were younger, did you ever find yourself talking to a girl/boy that you were in "love" with? Remember how you were always at a loss of words, how you said stupid things, etc?

Well that is my problem. Only it happens randomly. It seems to be more time dependant than situation dependent. By that i mean, i may, for a period of time during the day, go into this mode of complete mental retardation. It will happen with friends that i otherwise should not be shy around. I mutter words, say stupid things, etc. I act, well, different.

Does this make any sense?

I doubt it's because i am tired during these instances, because i shift back to "normal" right after that. And i've gone through instances of sleeplessness and was also fine.

Another thing is that i believe my voice changes during those instances too. My normal deep voice, becomes lower in tone, and quieter.

Now, using words like "mental retardation" and likening the condition to a shy 13 year old that approaches Sarah the cheerleader for the first time, i predict that you guys probably think it's really serious. Well, infact, it's not as bad as i've made it sound. Most people might not really notice the change, but i do.

I was just hoping you guys could throw some personality disorders out at me so i can do some research to see if it fits.

It's not MPD or BPD, i know that.

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