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the other day my ex bf called me a narcissist, saying the reason why we broke up was cuz I was too self centered etc. Then I took this quiz online, you probably have taken it before,and I scored very high on narcissistic PD, and borderline (been diagnosed already) PD. So I looked up some info on NPD and it sounded a lot like me. Could I possibly have it as well as BPd? Is 2 personality disorders common to have? My "**********" has ruined many of my relationships with men. I don't know if it's a commitment phobic thing or what. It's like subconscously everything has to be about me, I don't realize it at the time. Help, how do I change this before it damages all aspects of my life, like my borderline has??
sure it's possible to have both
read as much as you can find on the subject, educate yourself.
that's all I can suggest
I've read up on NPD and I display alot of the symptoms. Kinda eye opening and explains alot of why I act in a certain way.

Now I want to learn how to defeat this, but it seems therapy is the way. I don't have money nor the time right now to seek counseling, but probably money is more an issue as I inquired about therapy before and the per hour cost scared me off. Plus finding the right one or a recommended one is another hurdle.

I definitely want to change cause it's hurting my personal life (never had a serious relationship ever).

Actually it's very common to have another personality disorder in addition to borderline. I'm bi-polar also. Rose is right, educate yourself. Knowledge is the best way to learn to control your disorders There's no sure fire cure and it doesn't always work, stuff happens, but you will find that you CAN control your life, just be patient.
For a while I thought I had a personality disorder mainly because of histrionic features. But all the counselors I've been to refused to diagnose or tell me anything about it. All I heard was pity comments like "there is nothing wrong with you" even though some of my attitudes and behaviors fit with the histrionic and narcissist. Is that negligent of the counselors to ignore my feedback and concerns?
Stronger: In order to obtain a diagnosis of a personality disorder, one must meet a certain number of criteria. The criteria for each personality disorder is available online by search for the DSM IV. It also explains how many of the criteria have to be met. Most people have at least ONE criteria for several personality disorders.

However, I agree with you that the therapist should have been more considerate and answered your concerns. How long did you spend with this counselor? How many visits? Any testing? Diagnosis takes a while.

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