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[QUOTE=DPFan4Ever]My moods have been known to change on a dime, depending on the situation.[/QUOTE]

In the sense of a mood disorder, "Ultra Rapid Cycling" would be used to describe sudden changing moods. However, I am not sure what you mean by "depending on the situation".

[QUOTE=DPFan4Ever]More times than not, my moods are nothing extreme.[/quote]

A less severe Bipolar Disorder is called Cyclothymia. Instead of extreme mania and deep depression, it is classified with mild euphorias (hypomania) and depressions.

[QUOTE=DPFan4Ever]It's either I'm mad at everything in one day, or I let things go.[/quote]

Again, I am not sure what you mean by this. Does "let things go" mean you let go of the anger, or your mood "lets go" as in a type of "carelessness" or "hyperactivity"?

Considering anger and agitation, look through "Mixed States" in Bipolar and mood disorder information. And with that, mood symptoms may be in result of other disorders; not only other mental disorders, but physical and neurological disorders. If you can, talk to a professional. Finding what is going on can make a path for the most accurate treatment.


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