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SGH - well I seem to become involved with people that have personality disorders.......disorders of my past boyfriends have included, bi-polar, PTSD, narcissistic personality disorder, and the most recent borderline personality disorder. I find researching abnormal psychology very interesting, and seek to find out all I can (probably the OCD in me).
I just can I keep getting involved with people with personality disorders, and mental health problems? maybe there is something wrong with me? LOL
And honestely, lately, I've just been happier alone, and I started looking into why that is.....
I'm not really trying to label myself.....I just want to see if I fit into a particular catagory for my own info.....
I like to educate myself too because I am naturally drawn to people that are hyper and eccentric and artsy and fun loving but later usually figure out that those people are very selfish and narcissistic and bored to tears when it comes to engaging in a conversation and being curious about who I am. It is always about them. In college most of the people I've made as "friends" are like how I described above and even though it looks like they are having tons of fun and having the perfect upbeat life is near impossible to get to know them because their guard or wall is up and it makes a true friendship near impossible or highly tedius and overwhelming for me- although on their perception they may find it to be totally comfortable but again for me it is an uphill battle. I personally find those artsy and fashionable people to be alluring and splendid but I guess I realize that they are not for me. And about me I am fashionable and health conscious and social but I think I am not seen for who I am because of their personality disorder traits.

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