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hi Mitoca ummm i realy dont have any advise but to say that i know what you are going throu, i am the same always tired i used to be an A student i used to work a full time job, but now i cant handel rutines at all i get scared , axcausted, irritated,angry if i have to do one it sounds weird but what i mean is, is that if i know i have to do rutines i think i wont be able to do anything, and that to me is very excausted, in my mind and body.This could be lazines for me but i think its not maybe to others,so you are not the only feeling this way, good luck to you :wave:
Okay, I have some other symptoms to add to the list. I've already mentioned that I have this lack of energy and motivation, and I sleep way too much; I'm always tired. Now, since being on Prozac, here are some things I've been noticing that haven't gone away: I still have mood swings a lot, I am in more control of them now and I don't have depressed episodes, but I still get upset by some things easily. I've actually been very temperamental and get angry. I've never had a bad temper, and now I just get really mad sometimes, though I can still control myself. I've had a very high sex drive lately, and it's making me moody. I wish I could not think about it so much. I also worry too much about things, about the future and how things will turn out.

This is basically all the stuff going on with me:

*History of "Depression" - On Prozac for nearly a year now
*Tired/Lack of Energy & Motivation
*Temperamental/Aggressive Bouts
*High Sex Drive
*Worry about things/Slight Paranoia at times
*Non-Social at Times/Introverted

People have mentioned the possibility of Depression/Bipoloar/ADD to me. A more recent idea proposed to me is Schizophrenia. The reason this person mentioned this to me is because I told them that I feel like I have different sides to me, like I'm always fighting with myself. Is it possible that I have this, or maybe multiple disorders? I think I plan on going back in and getting rediagnosed, but I would really like some opinions and ideas to go over my doctor with.

Thank You, for any help.

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