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I don't think you have total NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) because those people don't realize that they have a problem, and even if they did realize it, they'd never admit it. My biological father has total NPD, and he is the biggest SOB you'll ever meet. You seem to acknowledge that you manipulate people and like to be the center of attention, but as tommo26 said, you feel ready to "repent," and know that you're hurting your friends. I agree with the original statement that you have narcissistic traits combined with histrionic traits, but I don't think you have full-blown NPD or full-blown Histrionic Personality Disorder, either. And strongernow, personality disorders are almost always impossible to cure. Really, BPD is the only one that can be treated effectively because, as you said, they're rooted in childhood and are learned patterns of behavior. Good luck, and God bless! :angel:
see the difference with me is that I was too eager to believe that the advice that therapists gave me would help. In fact I tried most of all the advice and nothing every worked. The therapists also had no empathy for me. They could never see my point of view. Even when I agreed with them and did what they wanted me to do..they would never see my point of view or understand me or what I wanted from therapy and it was just a painful situation after situation. It sounded like they had the narcissistic personality disorder and I was just being taken advantage of and tricked??? Isn't that right???

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