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Here is a breakdown of all the symtoms I posess:I have 7.

[B]Fear of abandonment[/B]- when anyone leaves like my father for his business trips I worry if he will come back
[B]Impulsive[/B]- I do things on the shot, make snap decisions etc. I am bulimic, some say that is an impulsive disorder
[B]Mood swings[/B]- I am worse than my mother's menopause! My moods change by the minute tho.
[B]Self injury behavior[/B]- I have cut myself numerous times, been in and out of the hospital etc...
[B]Paranoia[/B]- I always think people are talking about me for instance my mom got off the phone when I entered the room, thought she was talking about me because she hung up when I entered.
[B]Unstable self image[/B]- Sometimes I feel very good about myself (narcisism) and other times I hate who I am and want to be someone else.Mirrors are either my friend or enemy.
[B]Unstable relationships[/B]-Either you are my friend or I hate you, there is no middle ground. I have had friend problems ever since I was little. I can make friends easlily but I just can't keep them.

So there you have it, now it's your turn, tell me what symptoms you have and this can be a place where we share our symptoms and learn to cope.

*the 7 symptoms are from the DSM 4 but not in order, just out of my head.

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