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Hi Zoe
my name is Kerry and it is nice to talk to you. I was diagnosed with BPD and I have been living with it for 30 years or so. I have had similar feelings as well. I dont just do this with males but with females too. I had many boyfriends in my teens and was raped and sexually abused by them as well. I would get boyfriends and think I was totally in love and then start going out with them and then dump them as I didnt feel the same way anymore. Its like i need the newness and then when it wears off I want to start again with someone else. I do this with my female friends too. I start off with a close friendship but after a month or so i start to dislike these women and I am not even sure why. It is very confusing. I'm also very impulsive and say and do things without thinking about what will happen afterwards. As a result all of my relationships have ended in disaster. I have a very understanding hubby who has put up with all my sh**t for 22 years and I am very lucky altho sometimes I dont know it. I am very successful in life and have two beautiful boys who I adore so u just dont know what is around the corner. It sounds possible but get checked out by a doc or see a counsellor like I did, explain how u feel. They gave me a checklist to c if i had other symptoms and i got 9 out of ten. i c a psychiatrist next week, so hopefully after all these years they can help me with my remaing probs. Write to me again i'd love to see how you get on and I dont mind sharing my experiences and how I dealt with them. Take care, keep smilin, kerry.

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