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To be honest, Wagster, I think you need to find yourself a new pdoc! :eek:

Is this man actually a [I]medical doctor[/I]--a [I]psychiatrist[/I]??? I can't believe anyone trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness could say such things!

Did he give any "reasons" why he doesn't consider BPD or depression mental illnesses? What [I]does[/I] he consider a mental illness--anything?

I suppose, if by "depression" he meant a simple case of the blues, like everyone gets from time to time, I would agree with him on that. Just feeling a normal sadness in reaction to a loss or a disappointment or something, I agree is not really a "mental illness"--it's a normal human reaction.

But somehow I don't think he just meant the blues--it sounds like he's saying that "real" clinical depression--like major depression, postpartum depression, etc.--is not a real mental illness either. And there I absolutely disagree, and I know that virtually any mental health expert would agree with [I]me[/I]! (No, I'm not a doctor, but I did major in psychology and I've had a lot of experience in working with people with mood disorders.) I can promise you that severe depression is a very serious mental illness indeed--altho fortunately nowadays it can be treated.

As far as his remarks about BPD--well, people in the mental health field do fight over that some! It's certainly some kind of emotional disorder, but whether it should be labelled a "mental illness" in the same way that bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are--well, there is some debate over that. Mainly, I think, because both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are now considered to have a biological basis, and at present, while they can be treated, they aren't actually "curable". A lot of experts aren't so sure about BPD--some say it is not biologically based but a kind of "learned behavior" and that at least in theory it is "curable".

Then again...others disagree. I myself have been diagnosed with both depression and BPD (yes, I have definitely done a lot of reading on these subjects! :D ) and in my case, the BPD was [I]not[/I] caused by any kind of abuse, as many cases supposedly are. Does that mean that MY BPD then is biological in origin??? And if mine is, why not the others??

I guess you could say I've been playing "Devil's advocate" here for your pdoc--not that I'm sure he deserves it! It sounds to me like he's one of those "doctors" who just doesn't believe in the whole [B]concept[/B] of mental illness. Why someone like that would choose to become a psychiatrist is beyond me!!! It's like an avowed atheist deciding to become a priest or something!!! :rolleyes:

I have heard of a few psychiatrists who think that way. I don't understand them and I definitely do not agree with them. I know that mental illness DOES exist, I am positive that clinical depression is a form of mental illness, and I would say that BPD is also a form of mental illness.

And I think your pdoc needs to see a shrink! :D

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