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i'm suffering from NPD and I hate it. What's the best way to get rid of this damned mental illness?
why do you say you have NPD? It's a little hard to believe because most narcissists don't admit to having it, and even if they did admit to it, they wouldn't care......maybe you're confusing it with Histrionic Personality disorder?
I do have it. And yes, I used to be PROUD of this disorder because it made me such a "self-confident" individual. But these days, my ********** began to ruin my life, specifically, an important relationship. And I finally realized how detrimental NPD is.
You cannot get rid of it.

Think of it this way.

You LACK in mature and normal characteristics.

SO you have to GAIN or LEARN those certain traits that you never learned.

A 5 year old can feel incredibly confident, very special, and proud but that doesn't mean she knows about relationships, communication, problem resolution, empathy, etc. I've heard that people with NPD's emotional maturity can be compared to that of an overly confident 5 year old. It is basically ALL imagined instead of REAL. Are you intellectual - yes you probably are! So use your intellect to HELP yourself.

So you realize you are behind or emotionally retarded. You were held back instead of enhanced or improved by your very own ego or intellect and imagination. To compensate you imagined all this confidence and some of it actually worked eg: fake it until you make it.

So basically learn about empathy (read Sue Johnson, Carl Rogers, Garry Landreth), figure out what you need to be happy in the long term and short term, learn about people (read on sociology, object relations theory), learn new communication skills, and practice what you learn! That should fill in all the gaps!

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