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I too talk to myself, daydream, while driving, working, even having sex.

I have OCD, with pure O, so I have intrusive thoughts and do a lot of ruminating. I rethink over and over again all situations of my life. I redue things in my mind to make them better. Nothing is ever good enough. I can ruminate things that have happened in my childhood all day for weeks even years.

Then as a release I switch over to the daydreaming. It is like I want give myself a break from the day in and day out rumination or the intrusive thoughts.
I talk to myself also and I have OCD too.But I didn't know that OCD had something to do with talking to yurself.I have alot of thoughts in my head,and they are repititious.I am also an only child,and when I was little I fantasied that I had a little brother to play with,so I don't know what really started the talking to myself.
[QUOTE=CCROBIN;2765663]I just stumbled across this thread. I wouldn't worry too much about talking to yourself. I have no BPD, or the other one (for all I know). However, I have spent a large portion of my adult life feeling alone or abandoned. Single mom, lack of energy, ostracized in early adulthood by other women... etc. etc. I think when you talk to yourself a lot. (and I do) it is just a product of going long periods of time without normal social interaction. I would venture to say that you talk to yourself, not because you have a disorder, but because the disorder makes you feel lonely sometimes. Talking to yourself (or myself) doesn't really take away the loneliness, but when your alone a lot, the natural tendency is to start doing things that are mildly socially unacceptable because there is no-one there to make you feel embarrassed about it. :) Make since??

Over the course of my previous loneliness, I developed the habit of talking out loud to myself in the car, taking walks, at the store or anywhere else I went. I no longer deal with feelings of loneliness, but I still talk to myself quite a lot and I do do things that are somewhat unacceptable in social situations. Not like flashing or anything crazy, but I laugh too loud sometimes, eat with my mouth open; or talk with my mouth full, I might forget to cover my nose when I sneeze. These are all habits I developed from being under socialized.

My boyfriend got on me recently for licking the bottom of an ice-cream bowl. I just didnít think. Luckily we were at home, but I just did it without any prior thought. I could have just as easily done that at a restaurant.

Don't think yourself abnormal for having quirks. :) I think everyone has them.[/QUOTE]
Thank you so much for your reply. I was terribly lonely as a child right through to today. I lived with a high stress, frightening situation that did not allow me to have any friends during my development years.

I am under socialized. I say things that to me are just statements, but others are offended by.

My approach needs to change.

I do have BPD and OCD and I will be seeing my doctor for a major shift in medications, but I also need a good support group and a plan to de-stress myself. Find my triggers and learn a system of stopping my manic behavior and my talking out loud.

Your description was very supportive to me and I thank you.


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