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It could be anxiety or it could be other things too. I know with the abuse in my past for me safety is top priorty for me. If I don't feel safe then I try to find ways in order to feel more so. How has your moods been? Without a bit more on the 411 it is hard to perhaps give advice in a lot of ways. One thing you might try is to learn some deep breathing techniques (Sp?) for those panic moments. They do help and I use them quite a lot. I also remind myself repeating that this too shall pass. I usually say it quite a bit during a panic moment so that i end up focusing on the words rather then the fear or panic itself. When things of this nature happen they can be scary simply because you don't know what is going on and somehow you are sure that you must be bonkers. THe fact is you have preceeding events that have happened that are still causing stress and/or pain. Perhaps finding a counselor maybe at a local mental health clinic and discussing these things will help these feelings and things to lessen over time. And if they feel that something more might be going on they can also direct you to services and other professionals to help you. I hope I have helped in some fashion.

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