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Hey Louise Hay has great cds on how to love yourself. Please try those. You just have been without LOVE for so long, you really need it.
He sounds like a borderline personality disorder - they are the ones who get enraged and have rageful desires similar to how he described. :angel: :angel: :angel:

Also the best therapies are cognitive, behavioral, and Object relations. Good luck. Remember be cautious with your therapists because they can con you out of a lot of money just like any sales person.:wave:
Your symptoms don't exactly fit with a sociopath. The fact that you are writing on this thread is good indication that your recognize potential harm. A lot of what you wrote seems to fit in with borderline personality, which is very common among people who had your kind of experiences during childhood. If you have Borderline personality disorder (BPD), research shows that dialectical behavioral therapy if very effective! But first, you would need to get an evaluation and get established with a therapist. Your pain is too deep to go through it alone. Even the mildest symptoms benefit from therapy. Do not be ashamed, be proud of yourself for being honest with yourself. It will take time to diminish your symptoms, but it can improve if you get into the right therapy. Much of your behavior patterns are a result of your upbrining. Be careful not to excuse your behavior by blaming your past. You have control of the present and future. You can change how you respond to external stimuli by figuring out why you have the response that you do, recognize the fear that you have that makes you think and behave the way that you do, and identify a better way to respond. When you try to respond a better way, it will be uncomfortable, but necessary to practice over and over again until you do it the better way automatically - like taking on a foreign language, you have to practice and use it for it to be automatic. If it's uncomfortable doing it the better way, that means you are changing and growing, so it's good in a way. You will have much more success if you have a therapist and commit to it. Good luck, you can do it.

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