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That test should be taken off the internet. It is giving people things they don't need to worry about. When I took it, I scored high in most of the disorders...excuse me, but I am not that screwed up!
I have a degee in mental health and don't know a ton about this disorder but what I do know is that these people generally are odd compared to regular people. They dress odd or out of style, talk about odd situations that not many people care to converse about, isolate themselves from social situations, and have odd hobbies. That is all I know and I am not sure as to how this is a disorder except they might have constant problems making friends and forming romantic relationships.

If you want to be tested go to a psychologist who does assessments for personality disorders (call and ask around) . Usually he will interview you and then make you take an MMPI test (has over 300 questions). Later he will evaluate the results and come to a conclusion.

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