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[QUOTE=Stallangrad;3014985]Iam kind of in a bind, i know alot of people and have a good size group of friends. I never know what to tell them or what to say. They all give me pointers and are very nice, it really brings me down knowing there not seeing the honest personility in me(im refering to me with out bpd). I've tried and tried find my personality but failed. I dont know what to say.[/QUOTE] You have nice friends, they are interested in helping you. You have a part to play, as you know. My suggestion is to take yourself off the hook of feeling that you have to say the right thing, or something significant. Become a good listener. I have advised this for shy people before and used this myself. It is great for many reasons: 1. People don't get listened to very much these days and somebody who listens in an interested way is everybody's friend and confidante. 2. If you are listening to people actively, then you never have to think up stuff to say - just respond to what they are talking about, opinions will eventually bubble up for you. 3. You will get to know people and they will tell you lots about themselves, most people LOVE to talk about themselves so you will be the one who knows everyone best. Get a good book on active listening and communication and learn the (simple) techniques. You will never look back. Cheers, Sera

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