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I do the same thing (the questioning and constant seeking reassurance) with my on-again off-again boyfriend. It definitely resembles OCD in some ways, although I'm not sure if that's what it is. I have some BPD-traits although am much more stable now than when I was younger, or so I thought until my erratic behaviour in my current relationship, but that's another story! Anyways.....I wonder if our constant asking the same questions is not obsessive per se, but because our thinking is governed by our current mood. That is, we can't remember things that were said in another situation because we were in a different mood then. BPD is definitely about being controlled by your emotions, and it would make sense that our thoughts would also suffer. I have always had trouble filling out questionnaires or evaluations of any sort, whether psych tests or just plain old school evaluations. I feel like I can't integrate my thoughts on something over a period of time, I just know how I feel right now. I have the same trouble with my bf, I will only notice the things we're talking about right now and will not properly integrate all our conversations into a coherent whole. BPD is definitely about troubling integrating, so we don't feel like a coherent person or live a coherent life, it is just all how we're feeling "right now" and it tends to be black and white. Hope that helps!

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