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Aug 12, 2007
Okay... I don't really know how to start this. So I guess I start when I first went into treatment. I was 6 years old... so that would be 83. I was diagnosed as ADD, I continued therapy and nothing ever changed not even with the massive amounts of medication that were prescribed to me. At 12 I was put into a psych unit, same thing... only they added a diagnosis of ODD to the ADD. From there my behavior escalated into grand theft auto, breaking and entering and theft of moveable property. The courts mandated therapy, which I was already in, by the time I was 15. I was assigned a new doctor who added that not only was I ADD and ODD but that I also had a borderline personality disorder. By this time I was taking so many meds that I couldn't keep up and function at all so I started tonguing ad trashing them so that I could live. I was using drugs, lots of illegal drugs so that I fit in somewhere. By 20 I had been locked up in jail for fraud, by 23 identity theft, and by 25 for multiple other things. But at 23 I was diagnosed as Bipolar and Schitzoaffective. Now at 30 I will be going to jail again soon I believe for criminal activity and drug abuse. I can't seem to stay out of trouble and I jut got a new diagnosis from my court appointed psych center... I am listed now as a sociopath. I am confused by this. I admit that I don't have sympathy or empathy or any of that, I lie and use everyone that I can and I don't ever feel bad for it. I feel that I deserve to get whatever I can by whatever means possible, even if that means prostituting myself. But does this sound sociopathic? I am looking into information about this disorder, and I see that women are not generally bothered by this disorder... and I am a woman. I am charming and everything that men need me to be, heck I am everything that everyone needs me to be. But my family sees through me. I don't like this. But does this mean that I am a sociopath. I can not find the info that I want... or need. Is there a book out there that I can get that will tell me what it is and how it is treated? Because now that I have been diagnosed sociopathic, my doctor removed all meds and has changed my appts from monthly to every other month and to me it seems they have given up! Is there anyone that knows if there is treatment or am I completely hopeless?

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