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Hi, Lil, :wave:

Thanks for the pep talk. That was just what I needed to hear. Yesterday was very eventful.

First, I met my son and step-son at my rental property so that he could "pick up his father's furniture and things from the house and get his clothes." The only problem there was he didn't send him with a truck as agreed. He came with an SUV and orders to get his clothes only. So I called my attorney at home and told him what was going on and asked him what to do. He said tell him he's had enough warnings and chances. If he doesn't get it out today, it will be on the curb tonight. Only I didn't put it on the curb because I have to wait for heavy trash pick up or the city will fine me. So my house that I could be selling or renting is still tied up.

Then my son helped me turn off the water and drain the pipes because we're having a hard freeze here this weekend and I've had trouble with the pipes there before. He was going up into the attic to check the heater when the ladder came off the trap door, so there's another repair. I gotta do something with that house before it falls down. lol

Anyway, I got home read your post and had a good cry and mustard up some courage while I moved my clothes back into the Master bedroom and closet [now that his stuff is out]. Kind of nice to be back in my own room. If I could only get the rest of his stuff out of here [and there] and my things back here, I'd feel right at home. That would be very nice.

Then I sat down and made those phone calls that I'd been putting off. Everyone's so surprised. Nobody had a clue because I'd hidden it so well. They thought we were so happy. They suspected he had a temper, but believed he was taking good care of me. blah blah blah. I'm proud of myself though, I managed to hold back the tears except for once.

I had a scary thing with one of my eyes last night, but thank God, it's okay now.

So tomorrow is the big day again. I go to court once more to try to get temporary support. My attorney said last week that he is going to ask for attorney's fees as well. Good! I just got his bill! He ran through my retainer slicker than greese through a goose and is looking for that again and that's after he knocked some off the bill I think because I wasn't happy about last Monday or maybe he's just taking pity on me, I don't know...but HOLY COW!

I'm just plugging along here trying to stay focused and positive. I was reading an essay a little while ago titled Seige Mentality, [sounds like an oxy-moron--trying to stay positive], but it was talking about figurative "sieges" although being predominantly negative, engendering feelings of helplessness and victimization, we must look beneath the negativity to find the liberating and empowering realization: We're in this together! We all have a common bond, even those who are doing their dead level best to destroy us.

Enough depth for one day. It's getting colder than a well digger's backside here, but that's probably a nice advent of spring for you, Lil. I think we're getting that hard freeze tonight. We had frost last night. We have this two or three times a year anymore. We didn't ever used to have it. I remember running the AC during Christmas in the early '80's. You're not going to sell me on global warming. What a bunch of horse hockey.

So I guess I'd better go do my nails and try to look presentable for tomorrow. Maybe I should try coloring my hair, too, but if it doesn't work, I could go to court with green hair tomorrow. That would be bad; that would be very bad. Most all of my highlights have grown out and now all my silver/gray hair is showing. Guess I won't know unless I try.


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