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Here is the deal. My sister has always been an extremely difficult person to deal with. Since birth. I'm not even sure how to shorten this so its readable, but I will do my best. From when she was young she would through these temper tantrums that would last whole days. I am not exaggerating. Entire days worth of screaming, breaking things threatening to run away, screaming, screaming, and more screaming. She has threatened every one in my family with knives, threw plates of food at my dad, torn sheet rock off walls, hit the ceiling with her head (when she had bunk beds).

so from the time she could talk until about 13 (thats when I went away to college--I am 5 years older than her) This went on. Escalating as she got older, and it wasn't until she was in 4th grade that my parents finally admitted something was wrong and took her to therapists. I also know a lot went on while I was in college, but I tried my best to not go home, and not to get involved. I had shared a room with her until she was 8, then had the room next to hers. We could never figure out why she didn't get laryngitis. Anyway, she has gotten a lot better, but she is still an extremely difficult person. I just started reading about BPD and it sounds like they wrote all that stuff about her. In the past year or so apparently I have become the "go-to" person. She has been in college the last 3 years and barely graduated this past spring. Once in college, she started drinking and having sex. Sex was never talked about in my family, and so I KNOW I am not getting her whole stories. SHe is "raped" every few months. I'm 99.9% postive its not rape because she only says that when she thinks shes pregnant, and when she got some stds. its mostly this stuff she calls me about because my mom is a devout catholic and wont tell her what she wants to hear.

This brings me to her latest episode. Yesterday, after a few days at my parents house with my husband for thanksgiving, we left a day early so we could do some work around our house. I get home and not an hour later she calls crying. (usually its at some ungodly hour, so i was at least thankful i was awake) she says my mom kicked her out. this did not suprise me. I have always wondered why they havent sooner, but the more i talk to her, i find out she left the house saying she would never come back. She kept talking about driving her car into a tree and that would show mom, and no one cared about her anyway blah blah blah. (we hear this all the time, then we hear ow great we are until we say something she doesnt like) she was hysterical, and i know she didnt get any sleep the night before because she went to meet some guy on the internet who supposedly raped her, which is how the argument between her and my mom started. So she was calling me from a parking lot somewhere, still talking about how shes going to just drive off a bridge or into a tree. I tried calming her down, gave her a few suggestions, such as finding a place to just sleep to gather her thoughts, etc. she wont calm down and starts shutting me out. I tell her to go do SOMETHING to take her mind off things, and call me in 2 hours. SHe barely replied, and I really thought she was going to hurt herself. I then called my mom, who rushed out the door to go find her, and I tried calling my sister back a few times with no answer, and finally called my brother to call the police. I am not sure how it went down, I know she lied to my mom and the police, and I am hoping I did the right thing. SHe is now fine and back at home.

My question to whoever the wonderful person is who got to the end of my story is how do I deal with these hysterical phone calls? I know she just wants attention. Her life revolves around getting attention, be it positive or negative, mostly negative. I have no problem not giving it to her, but when she starts talking about khurting herself, especially while she is behind the wheel and could potentially hurt others, I don't know how to handle it. She has cut herself since she was 7 or so, stopped in her mid teens, and I really just dont know what to do, and I feel angry with her for pulling this crap. THe only time i really talk to her is when she has these crisis. I have tried my whole life to have a relationship with her, but she is impossible. Every single conversation goes back to her. It's all about her. AAHHHHHH i dont know what else to say.......THank you so much for reading this.

The End:angel:

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