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Re: Idk
Dec 8, 2007

I don't know where to start and I have an odd feeling this is about to get confusing.

This is from my perspective which includes both Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. There is a purpose behind anger in the BPD sense you are trying to get something accomplished such as scare people away for getting too close or to draw attention to your self but rage does not last that long for the most part. Self harm from a BPD perspective is to gain or draw attention, if your self harming to release emotion it does not apply to the criteria. Self harm and long standing anger tie more into the depression element. The severe mood swings again could be part of depression or an indicator for Bipolar. Borderline is a grab all diagnosis that people go for to explain someone who is being difficult so I wouldn't take what the nurse says to seriously as everyone has BPD tendencies at some level. Borderline is very black and white with very little in between, it is all about satisfying what ever need right now and not thinking about things like long term consequences, borderline has a lot to do with what you think is your self image and ways to maintain it or make it better - people who cross one of the invisible lines are met with rage or pure anger so they know not to do that again and by doing this your protecting your self image, manipulation is used to get what we want right now to help our self image - I have used it to end relationships to make it seem the other person did the wrong thing so I would have no guilt about the way it ended as it was their fault and I am still a good person. I have a long self harm history but it doesn't really connect to BPD. Control is a big word but again it is in place to keep the self image safe, the more control I have the more unlikely I will end up in a situation that may put it at risk. I some how doubt this is making sense but you never know.

I have no idea about how the situation with your girlfriend and how it would apply at least in the BPD sense.

Go see your doctor with a clean slate with no diagnosis in the back of your head and be completely honest with him then let him figure out what diagnosis you may or may not fall under. All we can do here is show it from our perspective and then later on how to live with it. Good luck.

take care

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