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I am just going break down your message piece by piece, I am not a doctor so everything is from how I see it

What are the symptoms of Brain damage? - this depends on what part of the brain is effected, certain areas are more then capable of causing personality changes. My father when I was a kid every time he had a stroke it would effect his personality sometimes good and most the time not so good.

How can PD's be treated when a Person isn't aware they have one? You can't at least not very effectively if the person who is suffering does not realize or does not want to realize they are in need not much can be done. This differs from personality to personality disorder but I don't believe by much. Your friend is unique in that his changes are pretty recent and may be a direct result of the accident where as the majority of people with personality disorders have had them for years and don't think their is a problem with how they think and how it effects their life.

If so then why doesn't he take steps in order to treat it? If it is a PD then I doubt he believes he has too as in his eyes he is not the one who is causing the problem it is the people around him and the circumstances. Especially in cases of Borderlines the only thing that really matters is how they see them and the image that they present. There are a lot of people out there who fit the borderline criteria perfectly but they will never get treatment for it as they A) Don't think their thinking is faulty B) Capable of living a "normal" life by surrounding themselves in environments that support their perspective and lies within their boundaries, they might own their own companies or be at the top of the authority line or work in an environment that is based off of logic with strict guidelines for example computer programming, accounting C) The amount of work it takes to undo the borderline or other PD's is intense, for the last X number of years you have trained your brain or your environment has trained your brain and now you need to go right back to the beginning and rewire it plus you need to force yourself out of your comfort zone perspective and look at every situation from all angles. It is a lot of work and very frustrating and the other part is the medical/therapeutic world see personality disorder written down they tend not to treat you very well in general.

I am borderline so I tend to see every disorder from that view unless there is a diagnosis that will steer me in a different route on reasons of someones behavior. I have no idea if your friend is Borderline and I am not in a position to say. If he gets diagnosed with BPD then there are things that can be done and reasons behind certain reactions. I would get the brain damage ruled out first though mind you I doubt he will agree to go for the tests or to see a mental doctor as he doesn't believe anything is wrong.

This applies to BPD - when someones mood switch suddenly and turns angry it is referred to as a rage. It has a purpose the action tells the other person they are too close to a boundary and by allowing the rage to appear it tells the person that this is an area in my life that you are not allowed to go and by showing you my rage it tells you not to approach this area again. Very little of rage has to do with emotion but it has a lot to do with setting boundaries, limits or in other words having control over the environment.

take care

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