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This isn't the ideal solution, but there are women's shelters. I know they are typically for abused wives, but I don't see why a daughter with no place to go couldn't qualify. Take Mom with you if you're afraid for her.

Leaving the old guy on his own might get his attention and give you the respite you need.

At this point though, I'm going to agree with Lil and say that you need a break...with or without Mom. However or wherever you can get to, go. I don't mean go shack up with some bum. I do mean consider your options and find a place to go for a few days like a shelter. Like I said, it's not ideal, but it's away from him.

When things were at their worst with my almost-ex, I should have gone to a shelter or out to my son's and didn't. But I did spend most of my time away from the house. I looked for things to do, classes to take, whatever I could find to do, that would keep me occupied and away from him and his brutality. That way he only got to be mean and hurtful to me as I was getting ready to leave or after I came back at night before I shut myself away in my room.

Unfortunately, there was too much exposure even in those few hours for my BPD to handle it well and I became quite ill. I was more unstable than I've been since I was a young teenager and what I now recognize as when I first became BPD. Or perhaps that was fortunate because if I hadn't become so ill, I might not have recognized that I am BPD and be working so hard right now to recover and get myself together.

I can't tell you what to do, Honey, I can only offer a suggestion here or there and love you from afar. I do wish you had family to stay with. That would be ideal, if one of your sons or your sister could take you in for a day or two...just to relieve the pressure. I wish you had a girlfriend you could stay with. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Oh, by the way, my Irish :o is still showing, but it's not green and it's more blond...much better. :) I'm a pale strawberry blond now...not rust to pumpkin red with blond highlights...much softer and matches my skin tone better. The other was a bit frightening. :eek:

I spoke with my friend about you and your situation again today. He sends his regards. He's still working on a solution. No matter what you decide to do at this point, know that I wish you only the best and love you dearly :angel:


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