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Afternoon all...


What I was working on was a letter to a "Dr. P___" you know who show. When I was writing the letter, I could not believe what it sounded like. Like too bizarre to be true. It went something like this...I forgot to copy it! :jester:

"Dear Dr. P,

Regrettably it has come to the point in my drama and crisis filled family that I am seeking your help. My main concern is my grandchildren. My son has a problem with depression, anger issues and alcohol. He has two children from a very disturbed girl that he was involved with for about 3 years. He did try to live with her for six months, but during that time, she was arrested for criminal domestic violence for hitting my son while he was holding the first child that was just a baby. She of course has a very volatile temper and so does my son.

Since they broke up, they have been seeing each other off and on until recently, as far as I know. He has serious issues, but I think hers are even worse. She has since I have know her, smoked constantly, takes Xanax like candy, overdosed on it once and went the wrong way down a six lane road in a fairly large town and crashed her car and still felt no need to change. She had a child when she was 16, never finished high school and he was a physical abuser. She likes to call the police and stir up trouble constantly.

She finally broke up with her first boyfriend after 4 years. Later my son came along and it seemed like really a fatal attraction between the both of them. I think they still see each other. This started about 7 years ago and it has been a roller coaster ride for me and landed me in the hospital with depression. She always stirs up trouble at holidays....ALWAYS. As you say, you can tell she is lying because her lips are moving. I have always tried to keep a good relationship with her, but she used to call me and complain about my son. I tell her that my son is 28 and I cannot tell him what to do. He does not listen to me, never has. In fact he is very disrespectful to me at times.

My son has a really good girl for a girlfriend now for about 4 years and they recently moved in together. She is now 2 months pregnant, and he is now being verbally abusive to her. I advised her to go stay with her mom until he wakes up and realizes how good she is to him and his kids. The other kicker is, the ex girlfriend, "Miss EX" has in the last year gotten married to a really good guy, left him now for good, and moved in with her first boyfriend who is now an ex-con for drug dealing and she lives in a mobile home in a bad neighborhood. Now she is pregnant with the ex-con's baby!!! Unbelievably she is working as a stripper also for the last couple of years!

The mobile home was broken into on the first night she moved in. My grandaughter since has moved in with her other grandmother because she is afraid to live there, thank the Lord! She takes her to church as I do and is now safe, but it worries me sick what will happen to my grandson, only 2 years old, that is living with "Miss EX" and the ex-con boyfriend and her oldest son. His grandparents have tried repeatedly to get custody of him.

Someone needs to intervene and take charge, man up and take care of this family, especially the children and the ones to come. I hope sincerely you read this and respond. This children deserve to have a better life as all children do.


I think the letter was worded a lot differently, but it says most of all that.

So tell me what you think. I did say in the letter that " I know this may sound contrived, but it is all true"

Sounds like a Springer show too!!!

I am just desperate for help. I have let this worry me sick for days.

One Easter I spent a fortune on Easter clothes and stuff and the mom would not let me have her!! OMG I was crying for days....

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