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Thanks Deb,

And Jan you hit the nail on the head when you said this...

""I have this problem with my family...they try to bully me into doing what they NEED me to the expense of my own self worth. I won't do it....neither should you."""

Yesterday, when I said I was going out to look for an apartment my dad said, well good luck, I hope you make it. In a nasty tone of course. Argghhh. I tried to reason with him..ha ha. I said, what is bothering you? I tried to tell him I had no evil thoughts about him and asked him why he is being so mean towards me. He tried to say that he didn't have ill feelings towards me, but I do not believe it.

I was about in tears when I left, and it IS sad. I know they would like me to stay and help them, but I cannot do it and risk losing my sanity. I refuse to be used and abused. I tried to assure my dad I was not moving because I was mad, but that he knows that he and I cannot get along. He has way too much pride to say I'm sorry, or I will try to be nicer or we need your help. It is a losing situation for me. It is really SAD.

It is my grandson's birthday today (more money to spend), and I did buy another Easter dress. Shopping is my bad weakness and if I am going to make it until my first pay day without any help at all...which my dad indicated that he would not...I have to do better.

I am praying as much as I can for the best thing to work out...I am definitely staying away from the mall, unless it is to take something back!!! Ha ha.

I love you guys!!! :angel:


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