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[QUOTE=SpicyGirl82;3696157]I agree Waratah, that was a bit harsh. :mad: People should learn to be more polite, especially around people with mental illnesses as we are more sensitive to criticism and harsh words than other people.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Blue"]Hi SpicyGirl82,

Ann-D's post represents some of the sterotypical sentiment toward people with BPD. If ever there were a disorder in need of serious help in public relations and publicity it would have to be BPD.

What so many do not realise is that BPD can be a bit of a double edge, in that many people with BPD function reasonably well in society, but from time to time simply expereince episodes of deterioration (this is me!). Others live lives of absolute desolation and despair, struggling from crisis to crisis without adequate support. If BPD were a "propper illness" ( grrr . . .:mad: sarcasam. . .lol) with clarly identifiable chemical or biological markers, it may gain some credibility as an identified disorder.

My feeling is that just about anything to do with mental health still incurs the prejudice and loathing common in the 17th, 18th Century - even amongst medico's.

I expereinced some pretty apalling behavior from a neurologist when I was undergoing assessment and testing. This was the sort of incident that would have sent a disintegrating BPD person [I]'over the edge' [/I]into the abyss, and I did think about writing a letter to the hospital, but was concerned that BPD people's complaints are not taken too seriously. At the time of the incident, I didn't understand what was happening, I was nearly completely "non compus mentus" (?) I simply had no idea what I was doing and what they were doing to me - but when I returned home, I wrote it all down in my note book as best I could. When I read it later in the week, I realised that something quite unethical had occured, and that other people involved in the testing were aware of this too. All hospitals have mandatory reporting of 'patient abuse' - so I just hope that one of the lovely nurses did this, but I was just too chicken to raise it on my own. (poor self image and low self esteem)
The other curious thing about BPD people is that not only are we sensitvie and caring and clever etc, etc, but many PD's use their natural sensitivity in very productive ways. Many BPD's are artists, poets, writers, musicians, chefs, potters, creative people of all pursuasions - so there you are!

I have a very dear friend who's daughter is very schitzophrenic, daily meds, living in supported accommodation, and the daughter is the most brilliant artist when she is unmedicated, but feels little or no artistic urge / spirit when she is medicated. Go figure that one out? Just a thought!

Regards, waratah[/COLOR]

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