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Hi exhaffalum,
welcome to the boards.
Yes you're quite right, the BPD label is used to batter and shame its suffferers and all those who associate with them.

And you're also quite correct, all BPD people DO NOT share the same behavioural presentations, there is a great degree of variability in symptomology ad the degree of difficulty each person experiences.

And believe it or not, Some of us actually lead quite "normal" lives (whatever that may be?)

The stigma of BPD actually reminds me of the early English 'witch hunts' where women who dared to speak out about the church, or exhibited behaviour considered to be innapropriate at the time, were labeled at "witches" and burnt at the stake.

Well maybe I'm being just a touch dramatic, but I hope you kind of get the idea, that the BPD label is sometimes used to intimidate, embarras and harrass women who do not comply with conventional societal norms.

BTW: If a woman chooses to "cheat on her partner" it doesn't mean she's BPD, but more likely that she is extremely unhappy with the cheated on partner who wasn't meeting her relationship needs. Just a thought . . .

BTW: I'm really happy to discuss the whole BPD thing with a range of people, but the biggotry and stigmatisation of those with BPD is only going to be cahnged by ope and frank discussion on the disorder itself and the expereinces of those afflicted by its presence.
And it is true that many people with BPD do live very difficult lives. An indication of this is the duration length of posts on BPD on the healthboards compared to the duration of threads on other mental health topics e.g. schitzophrenia, which are much much longer.

Why is this so? Well perhaps one reason is that may people with BPD have highly strung emotional regulators, and highly reactive to stressors, and seek help when they've run out of other options. The rest of the time, these same people, simply don't need this support, or simply are distrustful and even a little paranoid about who is here and listening.

Yep - that sounds about right to me. . . . lol.
So please break this omen, and keep talking with and about BPD..
Kind regards, waratah
regards, waratah

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