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I know I am better, but when I get really angry about family situations, and I find myself unemployed again...those evil thoughts come back to haunt me. Certain my ex-husband should be afraid to make me so angry..if he only knew what I was thinking. He is a complete and total money grubber, as in a selfish ass!!!

I can do nothing about this situation...but here it is. My ex "sold" an older van to my son and his girlfriend. Due to her being pregnant with twins, she is now on complete bedrest and cannot work to make the payments. The arrangement was really between her and my ex. My son is doing better, he was drinking, not working etc. for about 5 months. Now he is playing catch up. The thing is that the ex is loaded and he is constantly harassing the soon to be mother of my grandchildren to death and both of my sons over a very small amount of money they owe him. I finally called and yelled at him, told him to leave them alone and that I would give him the money if I could.

I just said, do whatever you need to, go get the van or leave them alone. I know they will pay for it when they are able. For a man with money to treat them this way when they are in a bad situation is just wrong, and he is supposed to be a minister??? Please, his money comes first. I know this is not my problem, but I am so worried about the soon to be mom, and I want to help. The thought of someone harassing her, and he was rude to her today, makes me furious and I want to do bodily harm to him!!!!!!!!

I know that would not help the situation, but I also would like to keep the children that are here at the house this weekend, however my parents get ill and very frustrated with little children and that makes it even tougher for me.
It is always drama in my life, and I do not understand why life has to be this way.

It is very difficult for me not to be involved, when I get phone calls all the time about this mess. I do realize it is all beyond my control, but that does not keep me from getting upset and disgusted.

This is not the way I wanted my life to turn out!!!

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