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[COLOR="Blue"]:wave: Hi SpicyGirl82,

There are many many myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings about borderline personality disorder. So many doctors find dealing with BPD patients very challenging perhaps due to the extreme behaviour that is "sometimes" associated with this [I]"condition"[/I]

I am PTSD + Hashimoto's (Thyroid) + Depression + BPD. I have been doing an awful lot of research about BPD recently and read some good and some not so good books about it.

Some of the older books <1990, are quite out of date by contemporary understandings of this disorder, so I now try to concentrate of more modern books writen by professionals, or co-authored between professional and patient. The co-authored boods are the best in my view. What I have found out is quite simply that BPD is a heritable condition- BUT- - - - - - - - - - develop when the second generation's vulnerablity factors are triggered by adverse circumstances such that their defence mechanisms also become faulty.

It is a very complex condition, characteristcs are inheritable, just like heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, sporting ability, ADHD, flat feet, musicality, and left handedness.

There are so many variables, tooo tooo many to mention so please go to the library and stock up on some really good books. Read a range of professional opinions about BPD, no two will totally agree, but there are definitley common themes present.

Things We Inherit: Our temprament, flighty / clam / stoic / agressive / emotional etc.
Our Enviornment Affects: Beliefs / values / behaviour / morals / as these things are learned.
Our Experiences: happy childhood / harsh judgemental parents / abuse / neglect / these things affect our psyche because reactions to these provide messages to us about our sense of self and place in the world.

Together, these variables interact with an underlying personality characteristics and heritability to BPD chararacteristcs in the presence of adversity and chronic stress to develop into fully fledged BPD.

Now not everyone who develops BPD had exactly the same expereinces, nor the same ubrininging, nor the same genes and this partly leads to the differences on the continum of the BPD condition.

Even the term fully fledged BPD is a bit misleading tooo. I am only very mildly BPD, another person on the Personality Disorder Board is seriously struggling with self-harm impulses, another with drug dependency, another with substance abuse, another with suicide and another with anger etc etc.

What I can tell you it that there are 3 dimensions to this condition. And you only need to have two of them.
1) [I]The affective area[/I]: unstable emotions, splitting, dissociating etc.
2) [I]The Cognitive area[/I]: overwhellming negative thinking, self talk, fluctuating competence, fears of abandonment (?), heightened sensitivity to rejection, paranoid ideation, sucidal ideation, unstable sense of self and or identity. etc.
3) [I]The behavioural area[/I]: propensity for risk taking and impulsivity including acts related to drugs, spending, self-harm, gambling, lawlessness, delingquncy, unsafe sex, stealing etc etc.

So you see that no two BPD people will be exactly alike. For instance I am purely [I]affective and cognitive[/I], but when I'm on a serious psychological downhill slide, the suicidal and paranoid ideation becomes paramount, and all consuming, and I loose my ability to think things through rationally (I guess irrationality is self-evident).
The other thing that makes a huge difference is that all BPD people expereince different triggers, sor expereince the same triggers differently.

My point is this, Some of the books I'v read and found helpful are:-

1996, Richard Moskovitz, Lost in the Mirror, 2nd Edition: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder.
2004, Jerold J., M.D. Kreisman Hal Straus, ‘Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder.
2008, Roy Krawitz and Wendy Jackson, ‘Borderline Personality Disorder: The facts’, Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN13: 9780199202966ISBN10: 0199202966

[B]The last book by Krawitz and Jackson was without doubt the best book I've ever read on BPD.[/B] No nonsense, co-authored, factual, behind the thinking and emotions driving this complex condition, and an all round good read for BPD people and anyone with an interest in it. Give the reading a try, and get back to this board and let me know how you're getting on, I'd like to know how you are getting on in dealing with this very complex and debilitating condition.
I do have some understanding in how it can affect people, and just how difficult it is to try and convey your feelings when in the depths of despair :confused:, guilt, loathing, fear, and even sheer terror. :mad:

Take care now . . .x x

Regards, Waratah :D

p.s. the other thing you might like to try is reading many of the posts from BPD people right here on the boards too. They'll give you some insight into how others experience this [I]"condition" [/I][/COLOR]

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