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[QUOTE=SpicyGirl82;3697372]Oh ok. What kind of book do you recommend for a first time reader on borderline personality disorder? :confused: Basically I'm looking for a primer on the disorder such as a For Dummies book.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Blue"]Hi SpicyGirl82,

[FONT[SIZE="2"][I]="Comic Sans MS"]BPD for Dummies[/I][/SIZE][/FONT], - you're a comic! I would hope that the general population might read that one book just so they can know a bit more than how BPD is portrayed by the media. i.e the absolute [I][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][B]extreme end [/B][/FONT][/I]of the BPD continum.

A couple of good books? Well now, there are so many, but finding one that suits your reading style and your purpose for reading I imagine will be a personal choice. But two books I've found to be quite good are:

2008, Roy Krawitz and Wendy Jackson, [I]‘Borderline Personality Disorder: The facts’[/I], Oxford University Press, New York.ISBN13: 9780199202966ISBN10: 0199202966,

and . . .,

2007, Alexander Chapman, Kim Gratz, Perry Hoffman, ‘[I]The Borderline Personality Survival Guide: Everything you need to know about living with BPD’,[/I] New Harbinger Publications, ISBN: 1572245077

So if you can find these, this is a good start I feel.
Just remember, that all BPD people present differently, so there's a lot of variation in degrees of difficulty each expereinces, and in different aspects of the disorder.

Go and have a read, and get back to me anytime to discuss BPD. I'm really interested in hearing others BPD stories too.

I had no idea that BPD carries such a stigma until I expereinced some pretty shabby treatment from my GP of 13+ years when I was recently diagnosed by the 'lady shrink' as having an underlying 'borderline personality structure'. My GP just couldn't cope at all. :mad: Despite knowing me for so so long, at every appointment she kept asking me about my [I]'risk taking behav[/I]iour' :confused:, and I'm just a suburban mom, work as a P/T high school teacher, married with 2 teenagers, Satruday is kids soccer, Wednesday is music lessons etc etc. So GP totally flipped out - silly huh? :(

I still feel quite annoyed with the way I was treated by my GP, but I've moved on now to a new GP, but now I face a problem there too.

I've only just started with this new GP (who wasn't the refering doc to go to shrink), so it's early days and we're still building a professional relationship. The 'lady shrink' wants to write to the new GP, and give new GP all the information about my treatment and diagnoses. I'm really really worried that new GP may react badly to this information in the same way my old GP did. Recall that old GP of 13+ years overlooked all our calm and settled history together and became suspicous and questioning when given the underlying BPD diagnoes.:rolleyes: So the [I][B]new GP[/B][/I], [I]who is just love[/I]ly :D, but doesn't know me very well, is about to receive some startling information, and I'm really really worried that the same BPD stigma may come to affect our emerging relationship.

At this stage, I haven't given new GP name or address to 'lady shrink', as I explained to 'lady shrink' what had occured previously and I was only a new patient with the new GP
What do you think? Do I give new GP name and address to 'lady shrink', or not? I'm really quite worried about it all. :eek:

I know that eventually I'm going to have to either go back to old GP of 13+ years with the stigma problem, [B][I]OR, [/I][/B]give name of new GP to 'lady shrink' and risk that the BPD stigma occurs there again too.

I do hope you're well . . . .
Best wishes, waratah :dizzy: [/COLOR]

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