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Alright..this is going to be a bit long, so thank you in advance for bearing with me. For starters, I am an 18 year old that has been attending UC Davis for about a year. My FIRST problem is that I think that I am way too self-conscious. When people talk to me, my face turns bloodshot red and it's been like this for a long time now. Sometimes, even when I just think about turning red when I'm on the bus or walking, I turn red. When I feel my face turning red, I get even redder without anyone pointing it out that I'm turning red. I have seen my physician about this and he wasn't much help. All he told me was try not to think about it too much and that the only alternative is surgery.
Here's the second portion. Lately, I have been sweating in addition to my redness. I thought just having the first problem was bad, but now I not only turn red, but I SWEAT when I feel my face getting hot. I am really out of ideas and I'm scared to schedule another appointment with my doctor because he tells me "I am too anxious". I really don't want to resort to surgery, but I am seriously considering it because of the way it's affecting my social life. I don't know what's wrong with me, but the excessive sweating started about 1-2 months ago. I first noticed it at the gym when I began sweating way more than usual. The sweating happens even when I'm just walking at a normal pace. I have been working about for about a year and I am in pretty good shape, so I'm not overweight. I have done some research and found that it could be related to my metabolism increasing due to me working out, but I'm unsure. Also, I haven't been doing much cardio (can this be the cause of the sweating? If so, why would it happen after a year?). Anyways, I have been stressing off this for quite some time because every time I interact with someone, I turn red (guy or girl) and then get all nervous and seem mean because I get all nervous and try to make the conversation end as quickly as possible. I even think I might have blown a chance with the girl I like because when she was trying to make conversation with me, I turned all red, got nervous and sweaty, and ended it with "sorry, I have to go".
Yeah, these are my problems pretty much. ANY suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated (trust me I am literally like..desperate for a cure to these social issues). Thanks again and sorry that my problems were so long, I just want to be a little more precise about what's going on with me. Thanks a lot

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