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First of all I don't think you have BPD....and self diagnosing isn't helping are using it as the reason for the way you are now acting or the reason you can't get over the love of your life. Your feelings are raw and you are hurt and it is normal for you to feel such pain....anyone would feel the hurt and everyone reacts differently. I think you are a bit hysterical and I think you think you need to cut on yourself or whatever you are doing but pretty much you are just very hurt and a nice anti anxiety medicine would help you through these rough days/weeks. However, if you do seek a doctor to talk to make it a mental health professional...psychiatrist or psychologist. They can help ease your way through this latest bad news...they can also assess and test you to see what if any psychiatric diagnosis you might have...if any. I am sorry you are going through a breakup with the boyfriend and just take one day at a time and keep yourself occupied to keep your mind off of things. Do some hard workouts or running to work off some of that angry energy it will help you get some sleep. However, from the information you have written you sound like someone with very normal reaction to a breakup with a long time love. Good luck.

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