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People who have BPD have Black and Whit thinking. They will love you or hate you. Right now your girlfriend hates you. You are on her shit list! She may or may not call you. There is nothing you can do about it right now. Take care of yourself. See what happens, if she calls you, and that is what you want, then that is great however, your going to have to decide for yourself, if this is what you want to put yourself through. Because chances are very high that the G/F will do this again to you, if she is in fact BPD> This is a deeply ingrained personality disorder , meaning she is not going to change her behaviors overnight. No matter how much your going to want her to, and no matter how much you fall hard for her. It is your decision though.
I have BPD, and Clinical Depression. RIght now, I've given up on relationships all together/people to me suck> in general there more of a bother then more then they are worth.
I've been given the diagnoses BPD many, many times throughout the years I've lost count. But, what is more important then that is getting into therapy. If there are other stuff besides BPD, such as Depression , then meds can help. Impulsive behaviors are common in people with BPD, Anxiety, and somtimes meds can help with the symtoms of BPD, but by no means a cure.
THerapy + meds are what is suggested. Self harming, or Suicide attempts, gestures are very common with BPD , as well>

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