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hey, im 18 now and i've just recently (past 4 months) come to accept that i MAY have some deppression issues that cycle through me but other than that, it almost feels as if something is off or is going to be wrong down the road.
-im not going into all the things that i think are wrong.

i feel like im not alone in my head. it's as if there are 2 people up there--both me. sometimes it seems like my body and mind are one and there is the 'real' me behind it all up there. both..'minds' hide nothing from eachother, but when im alone in my room-twisting my hair and staring at 1 spot for up to hours- it feels like i can keep engaged by throwing a conversation between them.

this is difficult for me to describe, because i just found this site and i want to get this posted before i forget or feel too embarassed about it. so im also skipping out tons.

i have no problem keeping the voice in my head but sometimes it actually talks overtop of what i am really hearing from a real person.
it kicks in most when im extremely enraged- i can amost Feel a second body throwing punches through walls, windows, or the person standing infront of me.

but the thing that has really made me realize that i need to figure this out was the other day when i heard myself thinking in plural. it scared me.
the sentence was something like:
"how do you know what's best for US"

first time i've heard that second consious voice refer to myself as US
untill then i've been telling myself that everyone has this- its just the little voice that everyone has..but it feels different

if anyone can help me with an answer other than- "see a therapist or doctor" i'd really appreciate it. i dont talk to anyone about this.

i'll go into detail and depth if anyone wants to talk about it..
I do not know if I have the answer that you are searching for, but I know a little about voices.

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