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I am slightly similar, in that I find a new person that I really like and I give them everything, I think we're really similar and that we understand each other. Often I end up getting used by the person because I am overly generous.
I used to know a lot of people with problems, and I used to find it interesting to talk to them, but now I'm tired of listening to other peoples shit. it gets me down. I have no false hope that I can help them and I will only listen to friends problems to a certain extent.
I'm not being selfish or cruel, but most people like to dwell on problems and don't actually want to get over them. They're indulging themselves by talking to me about them.
My psychiatrist thinks I have a personality disorder but I'm not really sure. I have many problems with people and I generally think everyone tossers.
Maybe I should live as a hermit and chase people who come near by waving a stick ....

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